Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z "Goku and Gohan" Set of 2 Luster Glasses | 16 oz

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Show off your love of Dragon Ball Z with this officially licensed pint glass by Just Funky! It is sure to make a great gift for your favorite DBZ fan! The smooth flare design of these pint glasses defines elegance, quality, and style all at the same place. Serve your best brews and creative cocktails in these stylish drinking glasses. Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Hand-wash only recommended.


A GIFT FIT FOR A SAIYAN: The world’s strongest Saiyan Goku and his son Gohan prepare to save the world! Grab this Father and Son duo pack as they power up together! These Drinking glasses are what any Dragon Ball Z fan would want.

DISPLAY THE OR USE THEM: These shiny glasses are perfect for decorating your desk at work or pulling them out at parties to share with your friends! If anything, Goku and Gohan both know that friends are important for sparring or as backup

ALL-PURPOSE: Our quality drinking glass holds up to 16 oz. Perfect for sitting at home and watching your favorite Saiyans in action or storing your pencils, pens, or markers. Appreciate your heroes in style

CAREFUL WITH YOUR WISHES: Saiyans are nearly indestructible, but this mug isn’t, prevent damage by hand washing regularly, and avoiding microwaves so you can reuse these as often as possible

Dragon Ball Z merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 34 oz aluminum water bottle Imported. Ages 14+