Naruto Shippuden "Akatsuki Iridescent" Glass Water Bottle (16 oz)

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  • GREAT FOR ANY UCHIHA FAN: For those fans of the darker side of Naruto, grab this bottle to support the brothers of the Uchiha clan. Hydrate yourself as Sasuke searches to avenge his family and discover his brother's dark past with this stylish water bottle.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT: Refill and reuse this water bottle while you train to be the next Hokage. This stainless steel bottle will keep your liquids cold
  • YOUR NINJA WAY: Ninjas have to prepare, this 16 oz water bottle is no exception. In order to ensure long-lasting use, this bottle must be hand washed only.
  • CAREFUL ON YOUR MISSION: Our quality, glass bottle holds up to 16 oz with minimal spillage. Perfect for a walk, working out at the gym, and watching your favorite anime online! Shinobi can run on water, so stay equally dry when this water bottle is sealed.


Just like the disgraced ninja in the Akatsuki, channel your inner darkness as you take on the world and throw it off balance! Take this water bottle with you anywhere and enjoy a sip of revenge. Watch your favorite anime while you learn about the secrets of the leaf village. Show the rest of the fandom your inner fan, as you display this bottle of everyone's favorite Sharingan using Ninjas. Go on stealth missions, and train to be the best Shinobi you can be with this water bottle. Sasuke never stopped working on his goals and with this bottle, you can have the spirit of the Uchiha with you at all times.