Naruto Shippuden Silhouette Fleece Blanket

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  • GREAT GIFT FOR ANY SHINOBI: Join Naruto throughout his adventures becoming a great Ninja! His one goal being the next Hokage on his mind, while also working to master his tailed beast and saving Sasuke, Naruto is the Hero that the Leaf Village needs, grab a blanket and show how much of a fan you are.
  • GREAT FOR RELAXING: For those long nights binging your favorite anime, this blanket is light weight and perfect for staying at home! From the comfort of your bed or couch, this blanket is the ninja tool for you
  • EXPRESS YOUR NINJA WAY: This blanket makes a great throw for all furniture in the home, Show off to your friends in the way only a true Naruto fan can. The stylish design will make any room design look complete.
  • A NINJA’S RESOLVE: A Ninja’s resolve never fades, make sure your blanket lasts longer with the proper care! Machine wash in a gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry on low heat for that and feel the warm “Will of Fire” all leaf village know
  • The perfect gift for every anime fan. Great for holidays, Secret Santa, birthdays, gag and white elephant gifts or any special occasion for kids and Christmas


After a long day of training and a bowl of ramen, rest well in this soft blanket and prepare for your next big mission! Even ninja’s need to sleep so that they can be prepared for what ever dangers the next day brings. Like Naruto you can wake up after a rough days training feeling refreshed and ready for ramen! start and end your day under the comfort of the Leaf Villages next Hokage. Display your Leaf Village pride as you decorate your home with this throw. Show off your ninja way to all of your friends! As Naruto would say, get one for your friends because sometimes they’re the only thing that matters. In this warring ninja world you’ll need protection so why not work with Team 7? This blanket is what any fan of the show needs!