Naruto Shippuden "Sharingan" Fleece Blanket (48 x 48 inches)

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Brighten up your living space with this 48” x 48” round blanket. This product, displaying Uchiha’s very own Sharingan eye, will make any Sasuke or Itachi fan jealous. The Uchiha once plotted to take over the Hidden Leaf Village and thus caused Itachi to betray his clan, causing Sasuke a lot of heartache. You and your friends can now have your very own Sharingan eye, gifted to you as Kakashi’s was to him. Though powerful, Sasuke’s clan is now all but gone. Grab yourself and your friends one so that you can be on your way to completing your own Naruto collection. This comfy blanket will improve any room that might seem too dull. Like the Uchiha brothers, you too can use the power of the Susanoo after mastering the iconic eyes of their family.

About this item:

GREAT GIFT FOR ANY SHINOBI: Like Sasuke and Itachi, you can have the Sharingan with you at all times. This blanket will have you sleeping like you’ve been brought under a genjutsu! Enjoy comfortable relaxing at home with this round blanket.

UCHIHA CLAN PRIDE: For those long nights binging on your favorite anime, this blanket is perfect for showing off how much of a Shippuden fan you really are! Grab one to complete your Naruto-themed living space.

EXPRESS YOUR NINJA WAY: This blanket makes a great throw for all furniture in the home or even as an extra blanket to wrap up in. This is one product that makes a great gift or decorative piece so that you can show off to your friends in the way only a real Naruto fan can.

A UCHIHA’S RAGE: An Uchiha is said to have deep emotional bonds that never fade, make sure your blanket lasts longer with the proper care! Machine wash in a gentle cycle with cold water, tumble dry on low heat for that, and feel the warm “Will of Fire” all leaf villagers know.

SHINOBI APPROVED: Great merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 48” x 48” blanket imported. Ages 14+