Junji Ito Collection Pint Glass | 16 oz

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This creepy artist's style is well known among the many Junji Ito Collections. Every story has its monsters, grab a glass and enjoy the stories written specifically to freak you out! Experience Junji Ito’s “Horror World” and do your best to survive the awfulness. Display Your love for the Junji Ito wherever you go. You can spend time freaking out with your friends over the odd, and often terrifying Junji Ito collection! Enjoy reading this manga slide on your glass for a page worth of creepy and disturbing content relating, enough to raise eyes wherever you go.

About this item:

A STRANGE BUT GREAT GIFT: Any Junji Ito fan knows that both the manga and the anime involve strange stories, with creepy imagery. Bring home some of the weirdness with all of the short story characters, such as the one on this glass!

TURNING INTO A MONSTER: Within all of the Junji Ito stories, people often turn into monsters or come into contact with strange events. Take this water bottle with you on a run, or for daily workouts.

ON THE GO: Anything can happen, so be prepared. With its 16 oz body, there's plenty of Junji Ito to go around. Hydrate yourself, with this hole-filled manga art.

DO IT THE CREEPY WAY: Made from strong glass, this 16-ounce product is here for you to creep out and introduce some cringe to those around you! Enjoy your favorite drinks in a stylish and easy-to-manage drinking glass!

ITO APPROVED: Junji Ito merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One, 16 oz drinking glass, imported. Ages 14+