Golden Girls

Golden Girls "Golden Since 85" Coffee Mug with Free Rose Enamel Pin

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This mug and pin combo are perfect for relaxing at home with your friends and putting on an episode of The Golden Girls! Never feel alone when you have these ladies with you. They’ll keep you company at home, work, or wherever you can sit and take a break with old friends.


Fans of the show should appreciate this set for what is, a reminder that when you get older, the world doesn’t stop you from living, and true friends are forever. Since ‘85 people have enjoyed watching for years. Let your inner Dorothy out and get one for yourself or for someone else who you cherish!

About this item:

This Mug and Pin pairing is perfect for your morning and evening coffee breaks! Enjoy time with this fabulous foursome: Rose, Sophia, Blanche, and Dorothy as you prepare and deal with your days. Grab a set for you and your friends.

Whether you’re as spacey as Rose or strong-willed like Dorothy, you’ll love spending time drinking from this mug with some of your favorite ladies while wearing your Rose pin for all fans to see.

The Golden Girls may have some drama between each other but they always make up in the end. Make some lasting memories at home or work when you have these items on hand.

Make sure your mug lasts as long as the girl’s friendship with the proper care! Be gentle and only wash the mug by hand. These ladies do not do well in the Miami sun so please do not microwave to protect the decal.